5th Annual BIG GAME BASH Feb21st & 22nd, 2014

5th Annual Northeast BIG GAME BASH
We have been working long and hard on the 5th Annual BIG GAME BASH and we just finished the new schedule and we are excited to announce that we have added many new topics for this years event. Check it out.

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Itinerary- Friday Feb.21st, 2014 Baitrigging Lab and Breakout Rooms Too!!

Main Room
3:00pm Doors Open. Product viewing and vendor displays. Raffle Tickets on sale.

5:15pm-6:00pm “Sharkfishing Secrets” Capt. Jack Sprengel
Learn some great new tips and techniques on targeting large Makos and Threshers.
NEW for 2014

6:00pm-7:00pm Dinner Break Enjoy a meal at one of the two on site restaurants.

7:00pm-7:45pm “Targeting White Marlin South of the Cape Islands” Capt. John Galvin
Learn techniques for sight casting and live bait fishing for white marlin close to shore!
NEW for 2014

7:45pm-8:15pm Break

8:15pm-9:00pm “Wicked Pissah!” Capt. Paul Hebert Capt. Paul and his brother Bruce will be answering all your questions and describing what it is like to chase and catch giant tuna for a reality TV fishing show. NEW for 2014

9:00 to 9:30pm Break

9:30pm-10:00pm “Ask the questions you really want to ask!” hosted by BGB Staff
This is your chance to ask detailed how to questions on all offshore fishing topics. Captains Damon Sacco, Eric Stewart, and John Galvin will be answering any questions you have. NEW for 2014

10:00 pm Raffle drawings

Break Out Room #1 Friday

4:00pm-5:00pm “Bait Rigging” Capt. Scott Sinclair, Capt. John Galvin
Learn detailed rigging instruction on Rigging Mackerel, Ballyhoo, and Herring {Live presentations}

6:00pm-7:00pm Dinner Break Enjoy a meal at one of the two on site restaurants.

7:15pm-8:00pm “End Game. Tagging, Harpooning, Gaffing, and Releasing.” Capt. Eric Stewart
Learn how to safely and successfully handle big fish at boat side for capture or release “

8:45pm-9:30 pm “Kite Fishing Tactics For Tuna” Capt Joe Ferulle
Learn how to’s and all about which kites to use during which wind conditions. Come see how to position a kite using splitshot weights…a deadly method for shy tuna! NEW for 2014

Breakout room #2 Friday
Bait Rigging Laboratory Room-

5:15pm-7:00pm “You Do It Bait rigging” Capt. Damon Sacco, Capt. Scott Sinclair, Capt John Galvin
Learn to rig a swimming mackerel and ballyhoo.- This will give you unprecedented hands on training with the pros. Don’t worry we will give you gloves.!

Itinerary- Saturday Feb.22nd, 2014 Main Room

7:30am-8:00am Registration and morning coffee. Staff

8:00am-8:15am Introductions and welcome. Capt. Eric Stewart and Capt. Damon Sacco

8:15am-9:15am “Trolling Hook Baits For Bluefin Tuna” Capt. Eric Stewart
Capt. Eric will give you his views and tips on trolling for bluefin and will focus specifically on the hook-bait part of the squid bar and what colors work the best with what rig. He will reveiw the rigging techniques and how to make your rig more weedless. NEW for 2014

9:15am-9:45am Break #1

9:45am-10:30am “Targeting tuna, mahi, and wahoo from an outboard boat.” Capt. Terry Nugent This topic will cover the waters south of MV down through the Dump and short of the canyons. For the last several seasons we have seen this area alive with bluewater species and Capt. Terry will show you how you can get in on this exciting fishery. NEW for 2014
10:30am-11:00am Break #2

11am-12:00pm “Secrets For Catching Bigeye Tuna” Capt. Damon Sacco.
This will give you an inside view from the cockpit of the Castafari as you learn how they target the Bigeye Tuna trolling in the NE Canyons. NEW for 2014

12:00pm-12:15pm “Raffle drawings” – Must be present to win!!!!

12:15pm-1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm-2:30pm “Sword fishing in the NE Canyons” Capt. Joe Ferrulle
Learn some of the newest deep droop techniques for catching sword fish in the NE canyons. Topics will cover bait rigging, gear, and tackle. NEW for 2014

2:30 -3:15 pm Break #3

3:15pm-4:00pm “NMFS rules and regulations” Capt. Eric Stewart
Capt. Eric will present an overview and historical background on the rules and regulations of the NMFS quota system. Learn the ins and outs of each category and understand what the specific licenses allow you to do. NEW for 2014

4:00pm-4:45pm Break#4

4:45pm-5:45pm “Jigging for Tuna” by Capt Jack Sprengel
Come and learn the secrets and techniques to catching tuna on vertical jigs focusing on bluefin tuna and offshore at the canyons. Find out what you need to get started in this exciting fishery. NEW for 2014

5:45pm-6:00pm Grand raffles and door prizes. Must be present to win

6:00pm-8:00pm One on one time with the crew at the Tackle Center.

Break Out Room #1 Saturday

9:45am-10:45am “How To Fish The Northeast Canyons” by Capt. Damon Sacco
Learn the ins and outs of catching fish at the canyons the way the crew of the Castafari does it. This will cover marlin fishing, chunking, and tuna trolling.

11:00am-12:00pm “Bait Rigging” Capt. Scott Sinclair, Capt. John Galvin
Rigging Mackerel, Ballyhoo, and Herring. {live demonstration}

1:30pm-2:30 pm “Trolling for bluefin tuna-101” Capt. Eric Stewart
This is a very detailed introductory class on trolling tactics for bluefin tuna.
This is for beginners only.

3:00pm-4:00pm “Using your electronics to help you catch more fish.” Capt. Terry Nugent
Learn the latest tricks of the new technologies and find out how to use your radar to find birds and how the new Chirp fish finders work.

Breakout room # 2 Bait Rigging Laboratory Room

3:00pm-5:00pm “You Do It Bait rigging” Capt. Scott Sinclair, Capt John Galvin, Capt. Damon Sacco
Learn to rig a swimming mackerel and bally-hoo- hands on with the pros. Don’t worry we will give you some gloves!!

Admission is still just $150 for an adult two day ticket, Spouses\girlfriends and children under 14 are $50 for the two days. This year we are offering Friday Night only tickets for $100 and we have designated Friday as Family night where all women and children get in FREE with a paid adult. We will have an awesome lunch on Saturday and Free Beer Friday Night sponsored by our good friends at Boston Beer Co. the proud makers of Sam Adams and Twisted Tea. Check out our website at http://www.big-game-bash.castafari.com for more info. Tickets are on sale on line or by calling “The Hook-Up!” Bait & Tackle Shop at 508-240-0778. We will have over 24 vendor booths set up with all the latest in Fishing tackle and Gear as well as the best in Marine electronics, a huge Monster Fish Big Game Video theater room, Bait rigging lab where you can learn hands on how to rig bait side by side with the Pro’s, and much much more!!!! This is the sportfishing event of the winter season here in the Northeast!! Do not miss out. The first 150 2 day tickets sold will be eligible to win one of three early bird prizes which are a Penn 50VSX, Hook-Up! Hawk Splash Bar, and a Castafari Bally-Hoo lure pack. Come an enjoy a taste of the northeast offshore lifestyle in February.


Annual captains Meeting and End of Season Sale Sat. Nov. 2nd.

“The Hook-Up!” Bait & Tackle Shop will be holding our Annual Captain’s Meeting and End of Season Sale. As always we will have some great food and drink and make sure you try Dan’s famous venison meatballs. Just about everything will be on sale with huge savings on saltwater rod and reel combos, some marked down 20-30% off, Custom 130 Tuna Rod and Reel combos on sale, 20-25% of all 18inch Splashbars and 42inch Hawk Splash bars, 20% of all Offshore Style lures, 20-25% off all in stock coolers, Save 25% off on all shell squid, 10-15% off all stand up style rods, 15-20% off on all Bass Jigs and Umbrella rigs, just to list a few of the sale items as there is much much more!!!! It’s a great way to beat next year’s price increase so swing on down and check it out. We can’t advertise some of the sale pricing on certain items so you need to be here to see it. One day only!!!! This is our way to celebrate the end of the season and to say thank you to all our customers.The food will be great and the “drink” will be cold so the crew and I hope to see you there!! Capt. Eric

Fish are biting and I am Standing By….

Monday I fished at the sword and went 1 for 1. Tuesday I heard all the reports of the fish up off of Chatham and went there and they would not bite. Saw fish all over the place but I couldn’t get them to bite. They bit pretty good on Monday but not Tuesday, but they are there. I have been there on greasy calm days and that never helps trolling.
So Wednesday I headed way south and the ride out was wicked rough and dark and wet!!! Squall lines came through and really kicked up the seas. We were trying for big fish so we had 4 130’s out and we trolled all Bally-Hoo. Capt. Damon on Castafari hooked up a 600 plus pounder and battled it for over 6 hours only to break him off at the boat on a stand-up 80w. Tough loss for my buddies. We went 3 for 3 on fish from 48-58 inches. Never marked much but the fish were there. All on skirted hoos. Two on the long riggers and one on the short rigger. Did not get a bite on my planer. We placed PSAT tags in them and released them. So now I sit in limbo. For the first time this season, I do not have any other trips booked. If anyone wants to go fishing with me we will be fishing all Bally-Hoo so if you want a hands on look at that type of fishing give me a call and book a trip. It is Bally-Hoo time so if you go you should be fishing some for sure. If you want to roll the dice and try and catch a giant there have been a few caught too and they seem to be mixed right in with the small fish. A good buddy of mine went out today and as of early this morning he had gone 2 for 2 all on Bally-Hoo’s. I have a wide open schedule and Sat-Monday looks pretty nice with the weather so if you want to go call the shop at 508-240-0778. Good luck if you go and I will be standing by. Capt. Eric

October is Here!! It’s big fish time!!

85 inches 380lbs

Dan and I at Stage Harbor.

Well the tuna bite off of Chatham has been up and down for the entire season. We have managed to pull through and catch fish on most charters with an occasional skunk thrown in just to make it interesting. This season has been about bigger fish as we have had 7 fish that measured over 74 inches. Our biggest fish measured 82.5 inches. For the last several weeks we have been seeing and catching fish from the 46 inch to the 56 inch range. Last week some bigger fish have showed up and we watched our buddies catch four true giants from 81 to 97 inches all on the troll. We just didn’t get a big one to bite but they are starting to show up. We have started to mix in a few Bally-Hoo’s into our spread and they have been producing on an even pass with the bars. We will be field testing some new Makaira 130 reels for Okuma starting this week so we hope to catch a monster on them and test them out but good. We will be offering giant tuna trips for the rest of the month where we will be targeting the bigger fish. We will be tagging the small fish with PSAT tags and holding out for a giant. If you want to fish the big rods for the big fish October is the month to go. You still can catch the small fish too but we will be trying to catch you a fish of a lifetime. We will be out there this week from Wed- Saturday and then the schedule opens up. Columbus Day weekend was red hot last year and we boated an 85 incher caught on the troll. We have the Sat. and Mon. open on that weekend. Give us a call if you would like to fish with us at 508-240-0778. We will be fishing through the last week in October as long as the weather holds. Good luck and tightlines. Capt. Eric

Tuna Bite is hot!! 6 for 11!!!

We have had an up and down tuna season with the theme this year being big fish but not big numbers. We have had 7 fish over 74 inches and sent 4 to market and lost another 6 or so to pulled hooks or break offs. We have been catching fish most days but only one or two but still getting it done. The last week we have seen more and more 50 inch class fish move in. Sunday we only went 1 for 2 but marked more tuna fish than any other day this season. Yesterday it finally happened and we had 6 fish to the boat for a solid 11 bites!! Awesome action and we had fish from 40 inches to low 50 inches to upper 60 inches and we kept a 70.5 inch bluefin. Could have kept our under fish but with a big fish in the bag I choose to tag and release the little 40 inchers. Just an awesome day and great action. Had my daughter Shylee with me and she got to catch one too. So awesome that she could be a part of this day as she heads off to College this weekend. The fall run is on and we will have some steady fishing ahead of us. We have this Friday, Sunday and Monday open. Call the shop at 508-240-0778 if you want to go. We only have 9 open dates in Sept. so please call and book now or you will just have to read about how good the bite is!!! Good luck. Capt. Eric

4th of July Tuna Bite!! Game on!!!

earlBetween the weather and the slow post moon bite all we have been hearing is “blah blah blah… When are the fish going to bite? When is the weather going to get better?” Like I always say you just have to go fishing and fish through all the obstacles and be there when they bite!!! And today they bit!!! We went 2 for 3 on big fish!! The one we missed was huge!!! We kept a 72 incher and released a fish that roughly taped out at 74 1\2 inches in the water. Yesterday on the Tammy Rose we went 0 for 2 and missed one and pulled the hook on another fish after he made a 60 yard run!!! Today I was steaming out through the fog headed towards the number from yesterday when I came upon birds and bait on the surface. We set out and got tight on a bass almost immediately. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see the long rigger. After setting out the 4th rod we had a knock down on the Chameleon bar but nothing was there. My mate CK went over and started reeling on it and said that there was nothing there when all of sudden the reel started to scream!!! FISH ON!!!!! We had a very loyal Hook-Up! customer named Earl Schofield onboard today, by himself, and he got in the harness to do battle. After a tug of war for 25 minutes we got the fish tailroped and he was ours!!! We all started to joke about all of Earl’s buddies who were supposed to have come on today’s trip. Too bad, so sad!!!
We then reset the spread and started to joke about the fact that Earl is almost 70 and another fish might kill him!!! Before we knew it we had another fish explode on the Red Iguana bar and we were tight again. Earl stepped up and kicked the fish’s ass in about 20 minutes. We tagged him and got a measure in the water and the fish was around 74-75 inches!! Nice fish and we let him go to fight another day. We missed another fish later on in the morning and it was a huge fish!! We have some openings this week and we have this Saturday open so call the shop if you want to go. The July 4th tuna bite is on!!!!

The Tuna Bite out East.

72 inch It’s June and the tuna fishing has been pretty good. Bigger fish means they don’t bite all the time. The average fish that is being caught is 65 inches to 90 inches. The troll bite has been up and down with many fish being caught one day and next to nothing the next day. You just have to keep fishing and wait your turn. It would seem that the Keywest Special, the Ghost, the Widowmaker, and the Red Iguana splash bars have been the hot colors so far this year for us on both boats. We got this 72.9 incher on Tuesday on the Ghost and missed another fish on the Red Iguana. The bite has ranged from 65 ft out to 160 feet and sometimes it’s happening for miles. The whales and the bait have been nothing short of epic and when the fish are on the feed and you are on the fish you get the bites!!! We will be out there tomorrow and we will be fishing the Hyannis Tuna Fest this Friday and Saturday. With the full moon on Sunday and 60 plus boats fishing Friday and Saturday this might be the weekend to go bass fishing, if you know what I mean. We should see another slug of tuna coming in with the full moon so next week we should see more fish and a better bite. Remember, it’s only June and the best tuna fishing is yet to come. All in all it’s been a good month so far and the fish have been the bigger June type fish that we normally see. We have open dates so please give us a call if you want to go fishing with us. 508-240-0778 is the shop’s number. We are open 8am to 6pm. Good luck and tight lines. Capt. Eric

There Back!!!!!!!

970150_10200591761369828_1532946172_n[1]One of my mates , CK, also know as Chris Kennedy, trolled up a nice fat 67 incher on a Ghost Splash bar today trolling off the back side of the cape. Game is on!!!

Cape Cod Bay is on Fire!!!

The fishing in Cape Cod Bay is on fire! Both from the beaches and from the boats. The springtime run of Bass is on in full force. My crew has been fishing the Bayside beaches from Wellfleet to Dennis and they have been crushing the fish at night fishing the the high tides. They had one night where three of them landed 24 fish and had fish up to 36 inches and three sets of triples. Now that is some action!
This weekend some of the boats fished the Bay and reported their limits and then some. The fish were easy to find because the birds were all over them. You could catch them either trolling umbrella rigs, plugs, or casting soft plastics. The new Savage mackerel colored swim baits worked really well. The action is only going to get better and the next two months will bring the best bass fishing in the Bay for the year. It’s on so go get them.
The “Tammy Rose” is in the water and she is sporting all new Raymarine Electronics this year including the new “Chirp” sounder, 4ft HD Color Open Array Radar, Sirus weather, and two new hybrid touch display’s. Very excited about the new gear. “Tuna Fever” is getting an upgrade as I am in the process of moving my three year old Raymarine electronics from the Rose to the Fever. This will be nice to have HD Radar and a faster GPS then the old stuff that I had on her. We start tuna fishing on June 1st and mark my words, I want to go on the record as saying that this tuna season is going to be awesome. We are going to see big numbers of fish here this summer off of Chatham and they are going to feed. The amount of bait last year was some of the best I have seen in many years and this trend should continue. We had three distinct year class of fish here in big numbers which shows three years of successful breeding. We are in an up swing, not a down turn in the numbers of bluefin that we are seeing. So get you gear ready and get the boats tuned up. They will be here by Mem. Day weekend. We are booking trips now so call and get a prime time to go with us. Good luck and tight lines. The 2013 season is on!! Capt. Eric

Ian Bass

For the last several nights my boys who work for me have been lighting it up off of the Bayside Beaches from Dennis to Wellfleet. They have been fishing the high tides in the night and have been catching keepers up to 36 inches, and lots of numbers of fish. They have been fishing with cut bait and plugs and some rubber baits. They had one night where they caught 24 fish with three sets of triples. Great fishing and alot of action. Now is some of the best beach fishing we will have so do not wait, get out there and catch some. The schoolies and few keepers are in the Bass River too so the spring run has begun and is on in full swing. We are working hard on the boats and the “Tammy Rose” is in the water and getting ready for June 1st tuna fishing with “Tuna Fever” going in next week. The season is going to rock so don’t wait to book your tuna fishing trip with us. Capt. Eric