October is Here!! It’s big fish time!!

85 inches 380lbs

Dan and I at Stage Harbor.

Well the tuna bite off of Chatham has been up and down for the entire season. We have managed to pull through and catch fish on most charters with an occasional skunk thrown in just to make it interesting. This season has been about bigger fish as we have had 7 fish that measured over 74 inches. Our biggest fish measured 82.5 inches. For the last several weeks we have been seeing and catching fish from the 46 inch to the 56 inch range. Last week some bigger fish have showed up and we watched our buddies catch four true giants from 81 to 97 inches all on the troll. We just didn’t get a big one to bite but they are starting to show up. We have started to mix in a few Bally-Hoo’s into our spread and they have been producing on an even pass with the bars. We will be field testing some new Makaira 130 reels for Okuma starting this week so we hope to catch a monster on them and test them out but good. We will be offering giant tuna trips for the rest of the month where we will be targeting the bigger fish. We will be tagging the small fish with PSAT tags and holding out for a giant. If you want to fish the big rods for the big fish October is the month to go. You still can catch the small fish too but we will be trying to catch you a fish of a lifetime. We will be out there this week from Wed- Saturday and then the schedule opens up. Columbus Day weekend was red hot last year and we boated an 85 incher caught on the troll. We have the Sat. and Mon. open on that weekend. Give us a call if you would like to fish with us at 508-240-0778. We will be fishing through the last week in October as long as the weather holds. Good luck and tightlines. Capt. Eric

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