Fish are biting and I am Standing By….

Monday I fished at the sword and went 1 for 1. Tuesday I heard all the reports of the fish up off of Chatham and went there and they would not bite. Saw fish all over the place but I couldn’t get them to bite. They bit pretty good on Monday but not Tuesday, but they are there. I have been there on greasy calm days and that never helps trolling.
So Wednesday I headed way south and the ride out was wicked rough and dark and wet!!! Squall lines came through and really kicked up the seas. We were trying for big fish so we had 4 130’s out and we trolled all Bally-Hoo. Capt. Damon on Castafari hooked up a 600 plus pounder and battled it for over 6 hours only to break him off at the boat on a stand-up 80w. Tough loss for my buddies. We went 3 for 3 on fish from 48-58 inches. Never marked much but the fish were there. All on skirted hoos. Two on the long riggers and one on the short rigger. Did not get a bite on my planer. We placed PSAT tags in them and released them. So now I sit in limbo. For the first time this season, I do not have any other trips booked. If anyone wants to go fishing with me we will be fishing all Bally-Hoo so if you want a hands on look at that type of fishing give me a call and book a trip. It is Bally-Hoo time so if you go you should be fishing some for sure. If you want to roll the dice and try and catch a giant there have been a few caught too and they seem to be mixed right in with the small fish. A good buddy of mine went out today and as of early this morning he had gone 2 for 2 all on Bally-Hoo’s. I have a wide open schedule and Sat-Monday looks pretty nice with the weather so if you want to go call the shop at 508-240-0778. Good luck if you go and I will be standing by. Capt. Eric

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