4th of July Tuna Bite!! Game on!!!

earlBetween the weather and the slow post moon bite all we have been hearing is “blah blah blah… When are the fish going to bite? When is the weather going to get better?” Like I always say you just have to go fishing and fish through all the obstacles and be there when they bite!!! And today they bit!!! We went 2 for 3 on big fish!! The one we missed was huge!!! We kept a 72 incher and released a fish that roughly taped out at 74 1\2 inches in the water. Yesterday on the Tammy Rose we went 0 for 2 and missed one and pulled the hook on another fish after he made a 60 yard run!!! Today I was steaming out through the fog headed towards the number from yesterday when I came upon birds and bait on the surface. We set out and got tight on a bass almost immediately. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see the long rigger. After setting out the 4th rod we had a knock down on the Chameleon bar but nothing was there. My mate CK went over and started reeling on it and said that there was nothing there when all of sudden the reel started to scream!!! FISH ON!!!!! We had a very loyal Hook-Up! customer named Earl Schofield onboard today, by himself, and he got in the harness to do battle. After a tug of war for 25 minutes we got the fish tailroped and he was ours!!! We all started to joke about all of Earl’s buddies who were supposed to have come on today’s trip. Too bad, so sad!!!
We then reset the spread and started to joke about the fact that Earl is almost 70 and another fish might kill him!!! Before we knew it we had another fish explode on the Red Iguana bar and we were tight again. Earl stepped up and kicked the fish’s ass in about 20 minutes. We tagged him and got a measure in the water and the fish was around 74-75 inches!! Nice fish and we let him go to fight another day. We missed another fish later on in the morning and it was a huge fish!! We have some openings this week and we have this Saturday open so call the shop if you want to go. The July 4th tuna bite is on!!!!

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