Tuna Bite is hot!! 6 for 11!!!

We have had an up and down tuna season with the theme this year being big fish but not big numbers. We have had 7 fish over 74 inches and sent 4 to market and lost another 6 or so to pulled hooks or break offs. We have been catching fish most days but only one or two but still getting it done. The last week we have seen more and more 50 inch class fish move in. Sunday we only went 1 for 2 but marked more tuna fish than any other day this season. Yesterday it finally happened and we had 6 fish to the boat for a solid 11 bites!! Awesome action and we had fish from 40 inches to low 50 inches to upper 60 inches and we kept a 70.5 inch bluefin. Could have kept our under fish but with a big fish in the bag I choose to tag and release the little 40 inchers. Just an awesome day and great action. Had my daughter Shylee with me and she got to catch one too. So awesome that she could be a part of this day as she heads off to College this weekend. The fall run is on and we will have some steady fishing ahead of us. We have this Friday, Sunday and Monday open. Call the shop at 508-240-0778 if you want to go. We only have 9 open dates in Sept. so please call and book now or you will just have to read about how good the bite is!!! Good luck. Capt. Eric

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