Monster Shark Tourney.

The 2013 OB Monster Shark Tourney is still available. It runs July 18th-21st. If you have never fished this tournament than you have missed one of the best times that you can have. The shark fishing that time of the year is almost always good, we caught 31 sharks in two days last year and won the Release Award, and the fun on the dock is off the charts!!! OB is always great and the food and cheer is always fun. We would travel on Thursday the 18th to OB, we would fish Friday and Saturday, and then we would return on Sunday. I have a slip in Oak Bluffs for the Tammy Rose and I have two rooms at the Whesley Hotel which are very hard to come by during the tournament week. The charter is for 4 guys because the rooms come with double beds, if you want to double up on one then you could bring another person for a max. of 5 guys. The cost for the trip includes all boat costs, entrance fees, and three nights of lodging at the Whesley, and totals $8600. The tips for the crew and any additional Added Entry Divisions are not included. I need to put a deposit down on the Whesley and pay the entrance fees for the tourney. It’s the last tourney of the season available as the other two tuna tourneys are already booked. Get together with your buddies and let me know. It’s always a great time.

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