Web-Store is all set!!

We have resolved the problem on the on-line store side of our website and everything is working great. Please check out the calendar side of the site as we will be listing any importan events on there and we will list when the store will be closed when we travel for the show season. Lots more to come so please check back often. Also make sure you sign up for our e-mail newsletter list and join our Facebook page. We have started to book charters for the 2013 season and we have only the OB Monster Shark Tourney open for this season. Call and talk to Capt. Eric about fishing this very exciting tournament. We are selling tickets to the 4th Annual BIG GAME BASH at a record pace so call and get your’s soon as you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win the free fishing trip to Cabo. Call and get them today!!!

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