The end of the 2012 season. Another Giant!!

Well with the storm approaching we pulled the “Tammy Rose” from the water Saturday and our fishing season is over for 2012. We ended it with a bang as we trolled up another giant tuna last Wed. with Sean Keegan and his family on board for their third trip of the season with us. And it certainly was one for the record books. We were trolling 4 rods all with skirted bally hoo’s when the planer rod went off. It was heavy but it was acting kind of sharky. The guys got on it and we were gaining line. I elected to leave the two long riggers out and I kept the boat moving forward. All of sudden the left riger goes off followed by the right rigger and the two 130’s started screaming!!!! I couldn’t believe it, doubled up on giants!!!! We had to walk the 130’s around each other several times as the two fish kept getting crossed up. We got the planer rod to the boat and it had a huge porbeagle shark on it. That fish went ballistic at the boat and chewed through the 220lb test flouro and it was gone. We cleared that rod out of the way and we got one of the fish into the post and we had the other rod in the left gunnel. It was at this time that I bumped up the drag on the fish in the post and attempted to go after that one hard and fast hoping that the other fish would stay tight and away. But you know how plans go and this one came unraveled too quickly as we pulled the hook on the other fish. Bummer but nothing we could do about it. 30 minutes later we got the other fish to the boat and he made several circles and came up and gave me a clear poon shot. I flew off the bridge, grabbed the poon and drilled the fish!! Tailroped him and he was ours. Really nice looking fish. It taped out at 85 inches. We ended up going 2 for 6 that day and my crew and customers were all stoked. I had my store manager Dan as crew again and he had rigged the ballyhoo that caught that fish so he was feeling very good. He seems to be good luck on the decks of the “Tammy Rose”. We ended up catching 299 bluefin tuna this season and the biggest one was the last. It has been a great year and next season will be even better. Mark my words!!!
We steamed the “Tammy Rose” to Nauset Marine East on Saturday morning and pulled her before this storm hits. So now we sit here and wait for the wrath of Sandy knowing that the boats are safe. Hopefully it won’t be too bad and we all will weather this storm.
Remember that next Saturday, Nov. 3rd is our 5th Annual Captain’s meeting and Customer Appreciation Day. We will have some great food and drink and storewide sales on almost everything. The party starts at 9am and goes until 5 pm. The food will come out around 11am so swing on by and celebrate the “Bite” of 2012 with me and my crew at “The Hook-Up!” I am buying the beer!!! Hope to see you there. Capt. Eric

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