The Fall Bite is On!

I know I have not posted a fishing report in awhile and I am sorry but we have been fishing so hard the last couple of weeks. The pre full moon was off the charts with lots of action and some really big fish being caught. I watched two boats troll up true 1000 pound plus fish on Bally-Hoo and we could only catch the small ones, but the action has been awesome. So far we have caught 297 bluefin tuna this year and hopefully after this wind stops blowing we will get out there and break that 300 fish mark, a feat that we have not done since 2007. The number of school size fish both in the 45 inch and 36 inch range is incredible and really shows that the fish had two really solid years of breeding. These fish will return next year at the 54 and 42 inch range next season and it should be another banner year.

Our last trip was this past Monday and we had some longtime friends and customers on board and we had one heck of a trip. We steamed out and went lines in and tight within ten minutes. The whales, bait, and fish were everywhere and it was game on. The third fish of the day hit a trolled Bally Hoo skirted with a Crystal Bluewater Candy and started to dump the 130. We knew right away we had a good one on. 45 minutes later we tailroped an 83 incher and we finally got a big fish. We ended up going 9 fish for 12 bites and the charter had a fishing trip of a lifetime!! Ken Joy, Nick, Damien, and the rest of the crew were all smiles this day. Big Nick caught his first giant and did a great job on the rod. My regular crew was tied up so my store manager Dan jumped on as first mate and worked his magic in the cockpit. He is one fishy guy and we always catch fish when he is on the boat!! he rigged Bally-Hoo like a pro all day!!

So now we wait for the wind to stop and hopefully that will happen soon. We will be running Chartres through the 26th of October so if you want to go give us call. The fall can be some of the best fishing but the wind tends to blow. As soon as it stops we will be back out there. “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BITE!” Capt. Eric

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