Open Boat this Sunday the 16th.

 Ok I am on the beach today, oh well. I do have tomorrow open and I have two guys who are willing to split the boat so I need 1 to 4 guys and we can go. The bite has been awesome and the wind is going to be 10-15 NW so the fish are going to chew!!! There were two 80 inch fish trolled up right next to me yesterday and we have missed two big fish ourselves in the last two days. NW wind is a good fishing wind so don’t fear the forecast. Call the shop at 508-240-0778 if you want to go fishing in the morning. We will leave at 4 am and fish all day. I very rarely do an “Open Boat” charter so take advantage of this. If you have ever wanted to fish with me but you can’t seem to get a group together here is your chance. The cost of the boat is $1800, so if we get 3 guys then it would be $600 each, 4 guys it would be $450 each and so on. Thanks.

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