Nnatucket Bluefin Blast Tuna Tourney

Well my crew and I fished the 5th Annual Nantucket Bluefin Blast Tuna Tournament this past weekend. We had three time returning clients on the boat and we were all pumped up. The weather forecast was all over the place and proved once again that gloom and doom doesn’t usually come. We fished hard on Saturday and went lines in and tight within 10 minutes of trolling. Released that fish and set the spread out and we had a 200 plus pound Thresher Shark slash through our spread and actually get hooked on the Ghost bar by the tail. Any other day this would be cool but during a tuna tourney it was a distraction. We buttoned up the Okuma 80W and had the fish to the boat in about 15 mins and got our bar back and away he swam. We then spent most of the morning watching other boats catch fish. We got into a pretty good slack bite and started to catch’m pretty good but we missed a ton of fish also. We ended up with 7 for 14 with lots of action and too many missed fish and a few pulled hooks. We headed back to Nantucket way off the leader board and a little down.
The next day we headed back out and got on the fish and quickly got in the running. We battled all day with the other top 2 boats. We all went back and forth and we were all within a fish or two of each other with less than 30 minutes to go. We ended up pulling a hook at the transom and then caught our 11th fish of the day to gain some ground and put us in first place for the releases for the second day. But with only 7 minutes left before lines out the “Starfish” tripled up and landed all three fish to jump into first place. That was crazy!! We ended up in 3rd place and very happy and in the money! I have to say WOW to Capt. Jay Starr on the “Starfish” to pull that one out with only 7 minutes left in the tourney, which gave him back to back victories in the tournament. Good on’ya Jay!! It was fun battling with you all day. So we went 11 for 16 and had 18 fish in two days and lots of bites! The bite is on and the “Fa La Me” caught an 80 incher and they came in second with 19 fish. We missed 2nd place by one fish and while they were fighting the giant we had the fish on the line and pulled the hook that could have given us 2nd place. So close but all good.

 Taking a couple of days off and we will be back out on Thursday. We have an opening on the “Tammy Rose” this Friday the 14th and Sunday the 16th so call the shop at 508-240-0778 if you want to get in on this hot fall bite. The forcast looks awesome with light sw winds and sunshine!! We have seen a slug of bigger fish move in and on Sunday we had three fish in the mid 50 inch range and with the 80 incher caught and another giant fought and lost after three hours you know a few big boys are here too. The Fall can be the best fishing of the season. We have landed well over 220 fish so far and the bite is on. Capt. Eric

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