3 for 3! Great bite out east.

We had another great day of tuna fishing out east of Chatham today on the “Tammy Rose”. We set our lines out at 5:30 am and we were doubled up by 5:45 am. Two nice fat fish to the boat in the first half hour of our day. Kept a 66 incher and tagged and released a fat 67 incher. Set the spread back out and around an hour later the left long “Mad Max” bar exploded and we had a bigger fish dumping line on the Okuma 80W. 25 minutes later we had a nice tag and release on a 70 inch bluefin. Great day and lots of action. I have some openings next week so if you want to go give the shop a call. I have just finised 6 straight days on the water and we have landed 8 tuna this week. We have had bites on every trip and the last two days in a row we have been on them hard! The bite is on and it should only get better after next week’s full moon. Come on let’s go fishing!! Capt. Eric

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