Great weekend!!

Well after the beginning of the week and that epic fishing we had and the fact that the wind had blown hard for two days, I left the dock on Friday wondering if the fish would still be where we left them. We got on location before sun up and saw nothing. No whales, no life, no bait, oh boy!!! We had a fleet of around 12 or 15 boats and many of them started to go south. I kept pounding the numbers but nothing happend on the slack. My buddy Capt. Eddie on the “Reel Attidude” was the one to hook up first and he was 12 miles to my south. I reeled in and made the run mid morning. When I got there we found the whales and the bait and the fish. The only problem was I couldn’t get a bite!?!?!? I just felt like I could never get on the fish. I was chasing the bite the whole day. I stayed late and finally got rewarded with a bite at 1:30 and we had a nice slot fish on the deck. I should have left an hour ago but I just couldn’t give up. Much to my mates dismay I jumped back up on the bridge and swung the “Tammy Rose” around and told him to set the spread again. It only took us about 5 mins when a fish expolded on the big black Hawk bar and started dumping line. We spent the next 20 mins and got the fish on the deck and measured him at 70 inches and out the door it went with a tag. I turned the boat for home and we hit the dock at around 5 pm. LOOOOng day. Now I knew where to go tomorrow.
Saturday we headed back to the numbers and had an awesome ride out, once we cleared the sound which was a real mess. I had a father and his 11 year old son onboard so I was hoping to get them some action. I really didn’t want to troll for 7 hours to get our first bite. We pulled in and got three rods out and we were on. Nick fought the fish out of the rod holder and in about 15 mins. we had a fat 58incher on the deck. Dinner was served. We got the spread out and had fish up and we missed him. We spent another hour or so and had a few other bites and we finally went tight and Dad got in the harness and we had a clean tag and release on a 57 incher. The morning bite slowed and Dad said they had enough so we headed in. As we were leaving the bite went off and my brother caught three fish in about 35 mins. We ended up 2 for 5 and I was excited about Sunday’s trip. There were some legal fish caught on the troll as well.
I called my Sunday’s charter and told them to be at the dock for 3:30 as we had a long ride out. After yesterday’s morning bite I really wanted to be there early. We pulled in and set the spread and had a fish up on the long rigger. Then we had fish up on 4 rigs at once and we doubled!!!! Nice way to start the morning! We then spent the next hour trying to set the spread and we couldn’t get more than 3 rods out before we went tight!!! Brother Matt called me on the radio and he asked if he should make the long run. I said YES!!! Get here now!!! We ended up going 7 for 12 but my mate said we had more bites then that. I know we pulled a few hooks and broke one off but it was all happening so fast!?!?! Tough problem to have. Matt went 3 for 3 and took off early. There were some nice legal fish caught too, so when the rod goes off you never know what size it will be. Fish were caught from 26 inches to 80 inches and all sizes in between. Back out there in the morning. It’s been a great October!! Capt. Eric

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