Epic Tuna Bite!! 16 fish for 17 bites!!!

I am soooo tired but just a quick report. We had one of the best tuna bites that I can remember in a long time today. We went[B] 16[/B] bluefin’s to the boat for 17 hook-ups and had another 6 or 8 bites. Just epic!!! We measured fish on the deck from 46 inches to 71 inches and all sizes in between. The fish we missed was a true giant in the 350 to 400 pound range and dumped our Okuma 80WII well into the backing and had us out over 400 yds and straightened and bent the 10 hook. UGH!!!! Just an awesome fish that everyone on the boat saw eat the left short rigger becuase he came at it twice and old Cappy Eric was yelling so loud from the flybridge that everyone was looking when he came back and ate it the second time!!!! Just a nice big fish. We fought fish for 4 hours today and could hardly get the spread out!! It was wide open and fish all over the place. I am back out there agian in the morning and then it looks like bad weather and then back out on Friday. The bite is on and I have some openings for this weekend. Call the shop at 508-240-0778 if you want in on this because it just doesn’t get any better then that for action!!!! Check out our Facebook page for pictures and videoes. More to follow later. Capt. Eric

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