East of Chatham Sunday.

Fished outside of Chatham yesterday in “Tuna Fever” in that wonderful NE wind. Not bad early on but really started to kick up by mid day. Started trolling in 90 ft of water up off of Nauset Beach. Had a fish come up and bite the short right rigger, Red Iguana splash bar, snap it out of the clip and take some drag and then pulled the hook. I got on the rod and he came back again but missed. Trolled around for a few more hours and well after the slack we found the bait and birds and got one on the Widowmaker left long that taped out at 46 inches. Set back out and tagged and released another one same size on the Chameleon bar right long rigger. By then it was getting rather sporty so we headed back for the barn. I know some guys were in the shallow water chasing these fish around with spinning gear too so there seems to be a good amount of these fish around. I will be out tagging tuna with the UMASS Tagging Team for the next three days so I hope thses little fish stay around. Just a note for anyone fishing this fall out east. The new break is starting to shoal up out by the B bouy. It was only 4 ft at half tide the other day. With the fall easterly winds starting you need to be careful there. I went out the new cut in the morning but once the easterly kicked up I came home the old cut. Just use your head with out going tides and easterly wind and low water with the new cut. Be safe. Capt. Eric

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