Extra innings!!

After a tough week, losing my aunt, attending services, and our computer system crashing at the shop, it felt good to get back on the boat and be at the helm of the “Tammy Rose”. We steamed out at 4 am and it was a great ride down the sound and I headed to the numbers where the bite was yesterday. We set up and found some bait and a couple of whales but it was slow. One boat went tight and then the fleet set up. I will never get it why people troll n to s instead of in the trough. I found that I couldn’t move so we reeled everything in and steamed back up to the north and set back up on the numbers. I then spent the rest of the morning watching boat after boat go tight around me. It was crazy, I just couldn’t get a bite. I know of atleast 10 fish caught in my general area and almost all of them were fishing my bars, and we hadn’t even gotten a sniff. We pounded the numbers and soon it was time to go. We packed everything away and started the 1:45 ride home with that little black and white critter dancing on my transom. We got 9 miles to the sw and a friend said he could see me coming at him and he had tuna fish all on the surface. I looked and we were in 70 ft of water and I was like yeah right, probably bluefish. I looked over to my starboard and there was my buddy with the biggest “bluefish” in the history of the world jumping out of the water. I throttled down and dumped the boat into neutral and started barking orders. “Wake up everybody!!! Get four rods, Get the Chatham splash bars, Get the riggers down, and make me a sandwich because there are TUNA JUMPING EVERYWHERE!!!!! So now we start scrambling. Schools everywhere…. which one to go after? We started trolling and I could see the bluefish on the fish finder and I was worried that we would get attacked. Sure enough first fish… yellow eyed monster short left rigger. UGHHHH!! Cleared that one and started a wide turn when a tuna crushed the right long rigger, Chameleon Splash Bar, and started dumping line. By the time my mate Chris got to the rod we had pulled the hook. Nooooo!!! Back on the troll we go. Now the other boats have found us. We bait this school perfectly and we get a fish up on the Red Iquana short left. All over it but he misses the hook. Chris goes to tease him and then another fish eats the right short rigger, Big Black Hawk Splash Bar with 13 in squid, new bar for me this season that has been kicking butt. He jumps onto that rod just as the rigger clip pops and the line starts to peel off. Meanwhile another fish is trying to eat the Red Iquana bar again. Almost doubled. We get the angler into the harness and he settles into the fight. In about 12 minutes we get color and I am thinking slot fish. We get the fish at the boat and Chris trys to turn him on the leader just a little too hard and he gets over extended and he pops him off the leader. Gone!!!! We are just not having a good day. I throw the gaff back into the rod holder and run back up to the bridge. “Set them out!” I yell down as I swing the big Henriques around at another pod of busting fish. This time we get the spread out and in 5 mins the left short rigger, Red Iguana splash goes tight. Nice fish and I know he will be in the slot. We get him to the boat, leader, gaff, tailrope, game, set, match!!! It only took 10 1\2 hours but sushi is served. I kicked the skunk in the ass and threw him overboard. We fished for another 15 mins but the fish started to go down and it was already way late into our day so we packed it all in, again, and headed home. Pulled one out in extra innings but a win is a win. The fishing is good and the weather is fine. Call if you want to go fishing with us. Thanks. Capt. Eric

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