Monster Shark Tourney

We have just returned from the Monster Shark Tourney out on Oak Bluffs. We fished hard and had some rough weather on Friday but we caught a ton of sharks but nothing big enough to weigh in. My crew and charter fished really hard for the 2 days and we went some distance looking for the big fish but just not in the cards for us this season. A good friend of mine who owns the boat called the “Bushwacker” caught a new state record threser shark that hit the scales at 630lbs!!! A true monster shark. Got them 2nd place. The Tuna Tangler Too, Captained, by Pauly Stearns, won the event for the second year in a row by weighing in a huge threser the first day and a 280 lb Mako the second day. The only boat to weigh in a second shark. He is one of the best captains on the east coast hands down. So now it is back to the world of the mighty bluefin tuna. We will be out there in the morning with both boats and I have heard that there was a good bite out there today with lots of action and lots of fish around. So we will be on it in the morning. Good luck and tight lines. Capt. Eric

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