The season has begun!!

The 2011 fishing season has begun here on the outer Cape. There is heering in all the runs, squid on the south side, and sandeels all over the Bay and Stellwagon Bank. Dan and Capt. Rich fished Stellwagon yesterday and crushed the cod and pollack. They caught fish on every drop and had keeper cod up to 32 inches. Dan then went out later in the afternoon and caught his first keeper bass of the year at 32 inches and released another one at 28 inches. He was casting a crystal minnow and saw lots of other fish too. Not hold over fish either. The flounder are snapping in Cape Cod Bay too. The boats are all most ready and should go in the water next week. The season is shaping up. Get out there and get them!! The tuna will be here around the 25th of May or so so you need to be ready for them. They will be here soon and they will be BIG!!! We start charters for the tuna June 1st and don’t miss out on the early summer run. Give us a call and get your reservations now. Also I have just bought the new Verizon i-phone so please check out our Facebook page, we have a link set up on the left side menu. I will be posting pictures, video, and reports on there everyday that I fish. The new phone should give you all an up close and personal view from the Decks of the “Tammy Rose” and “Tuna Fever”. It’s going to be alot of fun. Stand-By. Capt. Eric

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