Keep America Fishing!!

If you see these stickers around, they are being sold to raise money to support recreational fishing in the USA. The American Sportfishing Assoc. has started the “Keep America Fishing” fund and the stickers sell for $2. and .75 cents of that money is already donated directly to the fund. The other $1.25 will be donated directly after the sale. It’s a great cause and we in the industry are trying to get 1,000,000 stickers sold out there as quickly as possible. Put one on your car or truck or boat and spread the word that you fish and you want to continue to fish. I have them at my shop and I will have them at the consumer shows this season. Many of the local shops will have them too and if they don’t ask them why they don’t? Lets get this going and send a message and raise some money so we can have some lobbiest on our side in Washington fighting for us!!! is the website and you can log on and sign the fishing bill of rights, takes 1 minute of your time. I am not a political guy but it seems that we have to start standing up and be counted or we are going to lose. I will be presenting a short talk on this at the BIG GAME BASH also. Thank you Capt. Eric

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