Big Game BASH and updates

Hey fish fans!

Damon and I have some exciting news to share on the 2011 BIG GAME BASH FISHING SEMINAR.
GROUPS OF 3 OR MORE: If you purchase 3 full price tickets, you will gain one free spot on a fishing charter with capt Eric or capt Damon this upcoming season! These spots will either be on the Tuna Fever/Tammy Rose chasing bluefin tuna with capt Eric, or on the Blastafari (23 foot Bay Boat) chasing trophy striped bass with capt Damon. Tickets will be pulled from a lottery to determine the type of charter you get.

SHUTTLE SERVICE: We will also be offering a shuttle service to Boston available for wives and children throughout the day on Saturday. Be sure and let us know ahead of time if you are in need of this service. Also another incentive for bringing your wife/girlfriend is that if you are the lucky ticket holder to win the 6 day paid fishing vacation to Panama, your lady goes for half price! The catch is she has to have a ticket to win!

FREE BEER: We are also excited to announce Sam Adams\Boston Beer Company will be providing FREE Sam Adams lager and Twisted Tea for Friday night’s events. Come check out our detailed presentations, and then wind down the evening hanging out in our BIG GAME ROOM for a cocktail with friends and the crews of the Castafari and Tammy Rose. Fish nuts in a big room with beer and microphones…in February…come enjoy the fun!

By offering our customers t-shirts and a superb lunch buffet, it is imperative that we get our ticket count in as soon as possible to guarantee you a quality event. Thank you

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