Wind from the west… 3 for 4.

Wind from the west…….the fish bite the best. The wind was cranking NW a little today but the fish were chomping as we went 3 for 4. We had the “Tag-A-Tiny” team on board and we got 3 PSAT tags out today. I saw lots of fish swimming around sub-surface and I marked them really well too. I think I went by these fish in the dark and I won’t make that mistake in the morning. The fish bit on the second slack around 10:30am really well. We got bites on the Green and Brown splash bar long rigger, the long corner rainbow and the Widowmaker down the center. We got our last bite at around 12:15. The whole “Team Hook-Up!” will be on the boat tomorrow with the Tagging team as Capt. Rich, Danny “Braid” Jones, and Winslow will join me. Looks like the weather is going to turn bad for Friday and Saturday so we will just have to get’m tomorrow. Good luck. Capt. Eric

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