We had our shots. 2 for 5 today.

After yesterday I wanted to get back out there and see if they would repeat themselves. The show was even better than the day before with whales and birds and tuna and…. bluefish..aghhhhh. The water had warmed up to 66 degrees and the yellow eyed devils were mixed in. I had the first of a two day tagging trip with the “Tag-A-Tiny” team on board as well as “Team Hook-Up!” with my store manager Dan, aka “Danny Braid”, Capt. Rich, and our dear friend Winslow Crocker, the only one not on the payroll. It was a true busman’s holiday for my team and these guys were pumped. At around 6:30 the life really shows and we trolled through some nice schools of fish on the machine with a few busting pods. They would go down so fast, just a quick show. I really started to mark them good. We just had a double on bluefish and got them released and the spread back out when the left short rigger, Red Iquana, goes off. We start to clear the spread and a fish explodes on the center rigger. We almost doubled up. The fish hit it three times but we never came tight and no one could get to it. Danny got in the harness and cranked that fish in like it was nothing. He is an animal when it comes to tuna fishing. We got that fish to the boat, measured and placed a PSAT tag into him and out the door he went. 51 inches. Just what we want to tag. High fives all around. The spread went back out and we got another bite on the mini green chain\bird combo but we missed him. And then just like yesterday it was over. By 7:30 the bait and fish were gone as well as the feeding whales. Quick hit, so I headed out east. I trolled through my numbers were I have been doing well and out of nothing came another fish up on the center rigger, Widowmaker, we worked him but he never got the hook. I grabbed my Fuji stabi binoculars and found some whales up to my north. I started to work them and another fish came up on the left long rigger, Keywest Special, and my mate Chris was all over this fish. He worked some “Tammy Rose” mojo and hooked him with a huge explosion that told all of us this was not a slot fish. Winslow jumped into the harness and started fighting this fish which had us into the Dacron on the Okuma 80WII. Winslow is an old giant bluefin guy from back in the day on Stellwagon and has fought and landed many a giant on old 14’s from a chair but this was his first on stand up. He also just had a new hip replaced this spring so he was ready to prove himself. In 20 minutes he had the fish to the boat and on the leader. I came and helped get the fish on the deck. He taped out at a fat 67 inches and the scientist did thier work and we got the fish back into the water. I swam him for 10 mins and the fish swam away rather quickly for a clean release. I joked about this fishing swimming to the Med. and popping off the PSAT tag there. We all laughed. We will just have to wait and see. That was our day and we will be back out there again in the morning. The fish our going to bite right up to the storm so if you want to get in on this hot bite let me know, I open on Thursday. Good Luck Capt. Eric

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