Pulled One Out!

Slow bite out there today. We fished near the BC today and the whale show and bait was off the hook!! Some of the best bait and whale showing I have seen this year. The only problem was…. no tuna with them . After going round and round with 12 other boats and having only one fish caught, by Ryan on “Tuna Sutra”, you’re welcome for the conversational hook-up, I grabbed the stabilized binoculars and looked back in towards my inside numbers and I could see lots of birds milling about. It looked fishy. Man I love those Fuji stabilized binoculars. I reeled in my lines and ran back inside by 3-4 miles to the SW. I never really marked any tuna out in the whales. I think my customers thought I was crazy to run away from that show but, trust me, there were no tuna fish there. I hit the same numbers where I have been fishing all week and found a couple of whales and lots of birds. I was all by myself. 20 mins. later the center rigger exploded and the Widowmaker was eaten, again. 15 mins. later we get a 53 incher in the boat and we are all happy, especially the captain. The slack came and went and no one else hooked up. The birds went away and the life was gone. That was our day, a one shot wonder, I made the right call and today we won. The decisions you make as a charterboat captain is like playing Texas Hold’m. I was all in! Sometimes the fish gods give, and sometimes they take. Today we were holding the right cards! Today was special because the guys onboard had come to my assistance three years ago in the Shark Tourney when I blew up my engine. They were nice enough to steam over to me and throw me some jumper cables, which I melted. Guys like that who would go out of their way to help someone else deserved a nice tuna dinner. I was just thankful to have been able to re-pay and thank them again. Looks like a couple of days ashore with this big easterly gale. Put some extra lines on your boats. We will see what happens after this front gets through. Good luck. Capt. Eric

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