Thunder and Tuna!

Hello fish fans, it has been awhile since I updated my site. I have been out straight with the shop and fishing. It has been a different summer with some ups and downs fishing but I just checked my log book and I am just a little behind last season for total number of tuna to the boat. Last year at this time we had caught 48 bluefin and this season we are at 45 fish to the boat. Many people have had more down than up but I am here to tell you that the fishing, on a whole has been pretty good with an exceptional June bite that kicked things off early. It has slowed down considerably but there are still fish to be caught. We had an awesome trip offshore on Friday and we went 2 for 3 on 70 inch fish and we fought and lost a true giant. We doubled up on the troll with splash bars and I have never felt so helpless as I watched my Okuma 80W getting spooled and there was nothing I could do about it. The other fish was a 70 incher and he didn’t want to come to the boat. We finally got him under control and released and by then the giant had 450 yds of line out and I was looking at the black mark on the Dacron signaling to me that we only had 200yds left on the reel. I will never know how big this fish was but trust me, it was big!!! I figured we easily had 45lbs of drag on him and it was all my customer could do just to stay in the boat. With the other fish out of the way I swung and backed the “Tammy Rose” down hard on the monster and gained back a bunch of line only to have him run again. I have been here before so I knew that this fish was big. We chased him for another 10 minutes when I watched in horror as the rod tip popped up and he was gone. We pulled the hook, actually the hook came back straightened!!!! WOW!!! A 10/0 steel VMC… holy cow! We must have had him hooked in the roof of the mouth. This was just not going to be our fish. Friday the 13th will be the chapter in my book on that fish story. We did hook up later and tag and release another 70 incher. Today we fished out east and we went 2 for 3 with some smaller fish. We kept a 53” fish and tagged and released a 48”. Good fishing and some meat for my guys, not too bad. Thunder and lightning and rain but the fish were biting!! For me the best colors on the bars in these last few weeks have been the Keywest and the Red Iquana, they have been hot with the giant biting the Keywest way long rigger. The full moon is next Tuesday and that will bring another slug of new fish into the area. The only question is when? A couple of days before? During? Or after the bright nights? I have had some of my best days just before the full moon so… be ready. I have this Saturday the 21st open and I am booking up the few open dates in Sept. fast so if you want to go fishing with us this season book soon. The fall is just around the corner and the best part of the season is ahead of us. Get out there and go fishing. Good luck. “It’s All About The Bite!” Capt. Eric

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