3 for 4. Great day!

  Headed out of the new break in “Tuna Fever” and ran into zero visability fog right on the outside. That new break is tough in the fog so make sure you have it well marked on your GPS. Headed out and went lines in with better visability. Found some whales and bluefish and moved out to around to deeper water. Long and short of it is we caught 3 nice fish, one at 64″, one at 58″, and one at 52″. We had another bite but missed that one. All four bites came on the long rigger Widowmaker. That has been hot. One of my buddies went 1-2 on the Keywest Special, long rigger so like I always say about color, is it the color or is it the location in the spread? Back out there in the am on the “Tammy Rose”. Good luck. Capt. Eric

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