Fishing report

  So today was day # 2 of my first tagging trips with the now “UMASS Tag-A-Tiny” team. After yesterday’s skunking I was pretty determined. We had Bite Club veterans Sue and Dave Michaud and Jim “keep your pants on” Tobin on board as well as the Tagging team. Thanks guys for “sponsoring” the tagging today. After Capt. Corey’s epic afternoon bite yesterday, I was excited to get up to “his” numbers. We steamed out and found the mother load of whales and some birds. We were arriving just at the end of the slack. Lines in and 10 minutes later the Widowmaker on the center rigger goes off. Sue gets in the harness and fights her first tuna, as an angler. She and Dave have landed many bluefin on their boat, “Fall-Out”, but Sue is always at the helm and Dave is always on the rod, so this was a change up for her. She did a great job and got the fish to the boat quickly. Corey got the fish on the leader and the fish went ballistic and we popped him off. We could have gaffed him 6 times over, and being that he was around 50 inches any other day would have meant he would have gotten the iron, but today was all about tagging and placing $4000 worth of Sat tags on them. So I was pretty bummed. My brother showed up and went tight right away and his fish was 52 inches. We then trolled around for the next couple of hours and I was worried that today was not going to happen. We got a bite on the Keywest splash bar long left but he never got the hook. Then we had a fish up on the center rigger. Chris was on him working the rig and he pulled it out of the clip but never came tight. The fish came back again and missed. It was cool and as Corey scrambled to get the line back up in the clip the fish came after it again and Corey dropped the line back and Chris was on the reel and we were tight! Nice!!!! Next thing I know my brother Matt said he just went tight too! Jim jumped in the harness and we got this fish to the boat and he was on the deck at 51 inches and out the door with a PSAT tag and high fives were all over the place. The first Sat tag of the 2010 season for the “Tammy Rose”. We started the spread back out and had fish up instantly on the long rigger, Chameleon splash. Jim was on it but we missed him. Corey got the rig back in the clip and then bang we are on again! Dave was on this fish and we got him on the deck and he was around 54 inches and out the door with Sat tag #2. Back goes out the spread and we get another big swing and a miss on the rainbow and then the center rigger goes again. Now we let Michele, the future Shark biologist fight her first tuna. She did a great job and we get this fish on the deck and it is around 52 inches and out it goes with some new hardware.Tag #3.  Just crazy!!!! The bite slowed and we did get one more bite on the short corner rainbow bar but we missed him. The wind started to come up so we split. Just an awesome day and so good to see the “slot’ fish here. I think someone said they would be here …… in August……. uhm…. I guess he was right. Now I never saw a fish on the surface but I did mark them on the fish finder. Did not mark a lot of bait but the whales were feeding so the bait was there. I hope these fish are here to stay for a while. If anyone would like to get out there I have some openings so just give the shop a call. I am off the water for tomorrow and back out Thurs-Sat.   Good luck. Capt. Eric

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