Oak Bluffs Monster Shark

Well here we go!!!! I just twisted up 3 dozen 20 circle hooks, the boat is fueled, bait is in the freezers for the last night, and we are out of here in the morning. The next stop is the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament. I have the best crew and charter that I could hope for and we have been prepping the boat for the last 3 days and we are ready to rock!! Looks like we should have decent weather and I hope that the fish gods will smile down upon the “Tammy Rose” and let us capture a monster this year. The new Raymarine electronics will get there first real test and the Okuma Makaira’s 80WII’s have already proven themselves on tuna to 220lbs so I can’t wait to get them on a big shark. Things look good and we are pumped. Wish us luck and I will try and give you guys an update via Dan at the shop as the weekend progresses. Talk to you all on Monday. Shark On!!!!!  Capt. Eric

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