“Tuna Fever” 3-4 Great day!

I just had one of those days that makes last week nightmare all seem worth it. When you get on a boat with two guys and you just know it’s going to be a good day, awesome karma flowing, great mood, nice ride out…. It just makes me feel the fish!! I had David Moses and his good friend Brian on board today. David owns his own boat and his lovely wife, Julie, hooked him up with this trip on “Tuna Fever”. David is an awesome guy and after today, a good buddy. We hit east of Chatham at 5:10am and found the life. We set out and we had everything going well. I look back and watch both long riggers get attacked…. freaking bass… no…. tuna…..snap….. zingggggggggggggggg… TUNA!!!!!!! My god we almost doubled!!! The Okuma 80WII is screaming like a red headed step child on report card day!! Dave is on the rail and fighting the fish out of the gunnel as Brian and I franticly clear lines. We had the short rigger fowled up with the fish and luckily the fish sawed through the line on the bar freeing the tangle. We got Dave into the harness and the battle is on. After about 25 mins. we get a fired up 70 inch to the boat and I wrap him up on the leader. The fish goes ballistic and I just get the hook out of him and away he goes, too fast to try and tag him, he was way too green. Caught fish and the day is young. Back out goes the spread and Capt. Rich and Dan are on the troll near us. Shortly after I see Rich he tells me he is tight and the fish is taking line. Nice. It could be a “Hook-Up!” day. As I look back at the spread I see a fish swimming behind the left long rigger and before I can get to the rod we are on again!!!! Brian steps up and gives all he got. Dave had to step and in and finish him off but we got the tag into this guy, again a nice fight 70 inch fish. I am feeling pretty good at this point. Now the fog settles in and the fun factor had dropped a little. We started to check the left side of the spread when a fish explodes on the left short flat line, only 50 feet off the transom. I get to the reel and tease him up and next thing I know he piles onto the rig and we are tight to fish number 3!!!! What a BITE!!!! Right there in the prop wash. I love my Suzuki’s!! Dave belts up and we watch as this fish stripes the 200 mono top shot in a matter of seconds. Oh, did I mention this is on the Okuma 50WII ?  The long and short of this is we spent the next hour and ten minutes fighting this fish and when we got the tape on him, from fork of tail to upper jaw, he was balls on 73 inches. Nice fish but, he would not measure 73″ at the dock so I made the decision to tag and let him go. It was a tough choice but one I can live with and one I even feel better about tonight. The fish came back bigtime and swam away in great shape. We packed it in and headed for the barn.  An awesome day with some new good friends. Tomorrow the wind looks a little iffy but I have my old first mate\ Captain Ben Young and his family on board as he is out here on vacation from his home in CA. We are going to try and get him on the meat.  Capt. Eric

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