I do believe Bananas are bad!!!!

As I watched in dismay as my customer pulled out a banana and started to eat it, I knew my luck would not change today. As I explained to him the errors of his ways I don’t think he fully grasped the seriousness of this infraction. The long and short of it is I spent the whole day in zero viability fog and beat the bluefish and bass off my rigs for hours this am. I had them come up and gang rape me so bad that Capt. Corey is re-rigging 5 bars for me now. I worked out into the deeper water and got a nice fish up on the right long rigger and watched the fish scream off on the surface with the rig. WE ARE TIGHT!!!!! BANG…. POP… not good. I reeled the rig back and I found that the welded ring broke on the swivel down by the hook bait. UHM!?!?!?! Freaking banana bites me in the ass again. The customer still looks puzzled. I re-rig and I am into my back up rigs that have not been fished yet this season. Out the spread goes and about an hour and half later I watch another nice fish explode on the left long and the fish is dumping line hard on the Okuma 80WII. I am on the reel and watch as the fish heads straight down and takes a quick 100yds off the reel. POP… NO?!?!?!?!?! Not again. I reel this rig in and for some unknown reason or higher power or freaking banana curse, the mainline in the rig just broke!?!?!?! Now I think my customer is starting to get the picture. So my streak is still alive and well. Atleast we got the tuna bites. It was a slow day and I know of three other bites. Lots of fog made it aloooooong day for Capt. Eric. I love “Tuna Fever” but the flybridge and the 7 rods and the two 1st mates of the “Tammy Rose” is starting to look real good. In the last 10 days I have fished 9 and I have one more to go. I am just a little beat up at this point in time and I soooo hope that I will catch a fish tomorrow. I have the same crew for the morning and I am certain of one thing, there will be no freaking bananas on my boat!!!!!! Capt. Eric

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